New Puscifer Single: Grand Canyon

It’s undeniable that Maynard has matured throughout his career. Getting a front-row seat to witness his exploration of his personality through his myriad of projects has been incredible. He’s said that Tool is an outlet for his masculine side and A Perfect Circle is his feminine side. The more I listen to Puscifer, the more I get the impression that we’re listening to an unfiltered vision of what inspires him, his muse, his soul.

Be it from literature, spirituality, or the places on earth that he’s fallen in love with, the themes are constantly shifting and always treated with reverence. It’s not what you’d expect if you only give their name or album covers a cursory glance. That dichotomy allows for a light-hearted, “safe” approach when the content you end up absorbing is anything but. The new single is no exception.

It’s thematic and rich and bears all the markings of a great Puscifer song. A propulsive beat that caries an urgent momentum behind placid background vocals that supplement his simple but earnest lyrics. All the while, the organic melody is pierced by a synthetic sound that sounds muted against its will. I can’t imagine how you could make this more perfect.

From the upcoming album Money Shot, here is the Maynard James Keenan directed video for the new Puscifer single, Grand Canyon.

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