I can’t believe how long it took me to make one of these. This first one might be rambly, I really just wanted to put something up to see what it looks like. I never had a LiveJournal and don’t really post to Facebook that often, so this might be a more inviting place to come and blather. It might also be cool to have an area for content that might not fit into the other sections of the site. So, without further ado, what am I up to?

Skyrim. Sky, freaking, rim is what I’m up to. I’m in love with this game and we’ve only just met! I’m 14 hours in and I’ve decided that this character will be a heavy-armor caster (sounds cool, right?). So far, the main problem I’m running into is not having any soul-shards to enchant my armor with. So I’m wearing heavy armor to skill up, but I’m getting none of the magicka bonuses I’d be getting from all the light armor I’ve disenchanted.

I also accidentally threw a couple skill-points into one-handed weapons after thinking that my spells wouldn’t be powerful enough until higher levels. I’m now thinking that was a mistake and those points might end up being completely wasted. Not sure how impactful two points will end up being yet – probably massively. Essentially, I’m blundering through the game and still having a great time.

richard clone board game
100% accurate representation of all the game’s participants.

Somehow, this weekend, I was pried away from crushing the dragon menace beneath my boot-heel. We were supposed to get together for our Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game on Sunday, but due to a scheduling conflict, the game fell through. However, I’m happy to say that it opened up some time to finally play Zombicide, Season 3. Callie and I met up with Mark, David, and Casey to knock out a couple scenarios and had an absolute blast.

The game has this magical way of making you fly between feeling overpowered and doomed at the same time. We won both our games, but only by the grace of the almighty dice gods. Oh, and Mark charging into a room and beating a zombie dog to death who was about to tear my throat out. Yeah, that happened. Thanks Mark.

During the last game, we used the score for the F.E.A.R video game as mood music. It turned out to be a fantastic/horrible idea. Jake was barking at random noises and everyone was on edge. It was kind of perfect.

That’s pretty much it for now. I haven’t cooked anything since my attempt at dumplings last month. There were some random 3am omelettes here and there, but nothing notable. Skyrim really does command my attention in a way that only Bethesda games have been able to do.

Oh, Fallout 4 was announced this morning.

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