New Puscifer Single: Grand Canyon

The video for the new Puscifer single Grand Canyon was released today and it’s beautiful. At six minutes long, it’s in no hurry to end, but every time it does, it feels too soon. This is why repeat buttons were invented.

It’s undeniable that Maynard has matured throughout his career. Getting a front-row seat to witness his exploration of his personality through his myriad of projects has been incredible. Continue reading “New Puscifer Single: Grand Canyon”

Trent Reznor on Apple Music & What’s Next For NIN

Trent sits down with Rolling Stone to talk about his work with Apple Music’s new service, Beats 1 Radio.

Trent recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss his role in Apple Music’s new service, Beats 1 Radio. He had a lot to say about the state of streaming music and what he’d ideally want to see from that type of service. Continue reading “Trent Reznor on Apple Music & What’s Next For NIN”

Sol Invictus

I listen to Sol Invictus for the 100th time and reminisce about listening to Faith No More for the first time.

When I was young, my worldview was governed by whatever music I was obsessed with at the time. Some people are defined by the sports they play or the jobs they have. As a teenager, I defined myself by the music I obsessed over. Continue reading “Sol Invictus”